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8146: Re Avril Arrest - FAedouard TO Dorce (fwd)

From: FAedouard@aol.com

The response I received was pretty much what I expected and defintely the 
point I was making. This is not an issue of Lavalas, Convergence, Avril or 
Aristide. This is basic human and civil rights.  You asked to questions in 
reference to Claude Raymond and Bennett "Does anyone question there 
culpability? Did the wrong men get arrested?"The problem is these questions 
were never answered. Without a trial, formal charges and evidence, there 
detention is not unlike many arrest under Duvalier. You say the they must pay 
for their crimes. I'm sure everyone agrees. But one must be found guilty by a 
fair and impartial judge or jury. That is the SPIRIT of the law! The "history 
of injustice and poor judicial system" will continue if we stay on this path. 
 What next, defending arbitrary assasinations?