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8147: Re: 8131: Re: 8126: Re Avril Arrest - Dorce to FAedouard (fwd)

From: JAALLEN181@aol.com

Allen to Dorce RE: 8131

    There is a lot of truth to Dorce's comments about the current situation 
surrounding Avril's arrest.  Why do we have to feel sorry for Avril or 
Pinochet no matter how they are arrested?  
    If Avril is arrested for his past infractions such as stealing the 
Haitian State blindly for many years and torturing his political opponents, I 
am all for his incarceration, provided the State can put together a solid 
case.  This should not be too difficult.
    Where Dorce and I part company is on the "break" she want to give the 
Lavalas on the letter of the law.  When you start arresting people on 
"conspiracy charges" and you only arrest one,  the entire opposition gets 
suspicious and they are right.  In Haiti most political incarcerations have 
been made based on the same general charge for two centuries.  When you say 
"conspiracy against the state", we all get nervous.
    Aristide's arrest of Avril during the signing his "the black book of 
insecurity" is at best a political blunder (his specialty).  It gives Avril a 
stature he frankly does not deserve and prompts his former victims to defend 
him (how sad).  There were, I am sure better options than the one chosen.
    Although the crocodile tears are laughable, we should demand that the 
government set better standards for arresting political figures.  All 
Haitians should be protected against abuses of all sort whether they are 
named Avril, Duvalier or eventually Aristide.
    Joseph A. Allen DDS