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8149: Piatre massacre, not Pilatre - Correction (fwd)

From: Tttnhm@aol.com

Sorry, I spelt the name of the massacre in which Olivier Nadal is alleged to 
have been involved wrongly.

Here are some details:
Eleven peasants were killed on 12 March 1990 in a dispute over 
The AHP reported that on the tenth anniversary of the massacre, hundreds of 
peasants demonstrated to demand the arrest of the authors and instigators. A 
number of large landowners in the area, including Olivier Nadal and Gardy 
Démezarre, were accused. Speaking on the 10th anniversary, M. Sylvain Jean, a 
leader of the peasant organisation, Tèt Kole Ti peyizan, said that a law suit 
has already been filed against those allegedly responsible at the court in 
St. Marc. 

It was at this time that Olivier Nadal left Haiti for the United States, 
where he has remained ever since.

Charles Arthur