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8150: Journalist Question (fwd)

From: A Wellington <souve64@hotmail.com>

An earlier post  from Michael  Deibert begins.....

Notes from the Last Testament
Michael Deibert
May 1, 2001

In downtown Port-au-Prince, two great landmarks serve as symbols of change 
in Haiti, one reflecting the country's progress, the other its ever-present 
turbulence. Champ de Mars, the huge pedestrian square immediately west of 
the white-marbled National Palace, where the Duvaliers and their violent 
protégés ruled Haiti for over thirty years, was once little more than a 
rubbishy wasteland, its proximity to the Casernes Dessalines military 
barracks only adding to the sense of danger and uncertainty the area evoked.

I know this is all somewhat old news by now, but does anybody know anything 
about this writer? I keep coming back to this article...It seems to get at 
something important, a way of telling the story of the situation in Haiti 
that's not being an apologist or sycophant for either FL or the Convergence. 
The realization of Lavalas' huge support all the while entertaining a 
specter of fascism that Chavannes raises and, above all, actually moving 
about and talking to a lot of people who don't speak English and hang out 
with reporters...Well, it just struck me is all....