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8169: Re: 8168: Haiti: FL, Convergence on results, consequences of , , OAS-Caricom m... (fwd)

From: Easytat@aol.com

All of this OAS-CARICOM; Convergence-Lafanmi is sweet talking. I think it is 
time for the Haitian people to find the truth to its misery. They need a new 
alternative. An alternative that is different from what is ever existed. The 
Haitian people has to be conscious that non of these groups will not do 
anything for them. They are talking, while misery, diseases are destroying 
the country. 
The Haitian people has to come together, to create "movements Populaires" to 
turn around the condition they are living. We cannot tolerate this anymore. 
We cannot wait on an individual to come to deliver us. We need the base of 
the country, the "paysants" "the Ti machann" "fanm vanyan" among others, to 
change the country.