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8170: Re: 8160: Death of list member David X Young (fwd)

From: amedard@gte.net

> Those of you who know him better might wish to share a bit of the history of
> David's Haiti years and interest with the rest of us.

What I only knew David from the list, as well.  I'm sure that others knew him better
than I, but for those who did not know David, he was a painter and film maker who
also became interested in jazz ... had a Jazz Loft in NY.  I understand the jazz loft
has been featured on CNN, CBS Sunday Morning.  He went to Haiti in 1955 on a
Fulbright scholarship.  He studied art, took photographs, etc.  His photographs on
Haiti are located at:  <http://www.bluuchip.com/haitiphotographs.htm>  His paintings
related to Haiti are found at <http://www.bluuchip.com/haitipaintings.htm>.  He
returned many times (22?) to Haiti.