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8184: David Young: From Chari Rabinowitz

From: Beliefcomp@cs.com
chari rabinowitz 

David Young loved Haiti, and spoke about the country withthe same passion, 
admiration and raunchy humor that one might use to speak about a beautiful 
and intoxicating (if not wholly faithful) lover.  I will always remember
story about a day in Jacmel, when his face and body were completely
for the Carnival celebration.  No one in the crowd that surrounded him 
recognized him as a foreigner, and he told me that it was incredibly
to be completely welcomed and absorbed into the experience of Haiti  if
for an afternoon.     

Bless you, David. May you rest in a place where the colors are even
than your most dramatic watercolor paintings.  May you remain filled with 
your signature fiery vision.  May you again feel completely welcomed into
experience of Haiti.  And may the spirits cradle you in their arms.