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8183: AIDS and the Bashing of Haiti (fwd)

From: Senou <senou@yahoo.com>

Twenty years ago, our name was first surface as the
people who had brought AIDS into the world. It was a
blow to the Haitian economy. A long time ago, whenever
an unknown disease was discovered it was attributed to
the Jews, twenty years ago and even today, the bashing
of the name of Haiti is still going on. AIDS, the
plague of the century or the millennium is going to be
around for some times. What explanation the scientific
world has to give and why my country name was cited?
Since then, our tourist industry had collapsed. Should
the Haitian be compensated? Should a class action suit
be filed against those who had linked our national to
this deadly virus? Many had forgotten that our economy
was linked directly to our tourist industry, like
Bahamas, Virgins Island, Hawaii and many other tourist
places in the world.  Still now no one had apologized,
I still believe a suit shall be filed against these
individuals, those countries who had claimed that the
Virus AIDS had originated from Haiti. Sorry only is
not going to undo what have been done against Haitian
people. I did not recall seeing any scientist coming
to do any research in Haiti.  On what criterion the
name of Haiti was linked to AIDS. CDC had removed the
name of Haiti after many protests, How come we are
still around. Places refuse to take Haitian blood
claiming our blood is infected with that deadly virus.
A crime has been committed against Haitian people. We
shall seek compensation. Any of you who can find
books, articles, conferences where the name of Haiti
was cited as the point of origin of the AIDS virus,
keep them. Make sure your children and grand children
see it, educated the people in your community the
injustice that has been done against our people. Let
them know, one day the Haitian people shall seek
compensation. Remember where you come from; remember
the suffering your parents had to endure. Forgive do
not forget. 

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