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8190: Re: 8187: Re: 8183: AIDS and the Bashing of Haiti (fwd)

From: Sean Harvey <seanharvey@juno.com>

Actually, it WAS posited very early on that AIDS might have originated in
Haiti. This has of course long been dispelled, and it is generally
believed today -- in large part because of studies done on the evolution
of the viral strain that exists in Haiti -- that HIV was brought into
Haiti by North Americans and Europeans via the sex tourism industry. Of
course, it has also been long dispelled that HIV could have originated in
an American biological weapons laboratory, since the most advanced
microbiologists in the world have studied the virus for 20 years still
can't fathom its entire complexity. The CIA simply isn't smart enough to
have come up with this virus.

Anyone who wants first-hand research and accounts of how AIDS was
perceived in relation to Haiti and Haitians in the early, confused days
of the pandemic should check out the comprehensive 20-year archive of New
York Times AIDS stories at: