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8191: Re: 8190: Re: 8187: Re: 8183: AIDS and the Bashing of Haiti (fwd)

From: Racine125@aol.com

<< Of
 course, it has also been long dispelled that HIV could have originated in
 an American biological weapons laboratory, since the most advanced
 microbiologists in the world have studied the virus for 20 years still
 can't fathom its entire complexity. The CIA simply isn't smart enough to
 have come up with this virus. >>

No, no.  The USA was studying the green monkey virus, inducing mutations and 
so on.  The green monkey virus is the closest natural relative of HIV.  The 
book in which these and other studies were documented has now been pulled 
from the shelves of university libraries!  I saw it, I read it, it's not 
available any more.

If we graph the number of AIDS cases over time, we can predict how many cases 
there may be in, say, 2050.  If we draw the line back the other way, the zero 
point is during the time period in which these studies were being carried out.

This was at the time that the term "population explosion" was coined, and 
white male scientists deeply feared that black people would overrun the 
earth.  There were experiments, serious work done by reputed people, intended 
to develop diseases that would only affect black people!  Even Prince Philip 
of England, in his role with the World Health Organization (I am sorry I 
forget his title), slipped up - when asked how he would like to reincarnate, 
he replied that he would like to come back as a virus that would drastically 
reduce earth's population!

There is more - Johns Hopkins and Dr. Reginald Boulos' partnership in Cite 
Soleil, for example.

In this situation, every person and every house in Cite Soleil had a number, 
given to people and painted on houses by Dr. Boulos' employees.  Every 
person's food allotment, every person's vaccinations (from numbered, 
catalogued lots of vaccines) were recorded and entered in that database at 
L'Hospital St. Catherine de Laboure, under the direction of Dr. Boulos.  Then 
Johns Hopkins sat back and watched as AIDS and it's buddy tuberculosis ate 
their way through Cite Soleil.  They never treated anyone, they didn't try to 
deter the spread of AIDS, they didn't inform people of the results of their 
blood tests, they just kept on recording.  It doesn't take a genius to deduce 
what was in those vaccines, or why the AIDS rate in Cite Soleil is much 
higher than in other, comparable slum areas of Port-au-Prince.

Johns Hopkins has been widely criticized for this, by the way, I am not the 
first person to point this out.  Other places in the world where USAID funded 
vaccination programs were run out of similar centers with similar database 
research programs also turned into hot spots for HIV infection.

You know, my degree is in molecular biology, and one day I said to my 
graduate advisor that it seemed obvious that the virus is man-made, and that 
we might want to have a look at that... you know what he said?

"You shut your mouth", he said, "if you know what's good for you."

Well, I'm NOT SHUTTING MY MOUTH, I am weary to death of seeing my friends 
dying of untreated AIDS because the same government that created the virus 
works to protect the drug companies that make AIDS drugs unaffordable when 
"knock-off" generic issues of the very same drugs can be produced for a 
fraction of the cost.

Peace and love,

Bon Mambo Racine Sans Bout Sa Te La Daginen

"Se bon ki ra" - Good is rare
     Haitian Proverb

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