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8230: Re: 8218: Re: 8195: Reparations and crooked leaders red herring (Saint-Vil) (fwd)

From: haiti@ixks.com

> C. Henrius, I usually enjoy and respect your contributions to Corbettland, 
> and my comment is in no way personal. But, on top of all the slanted trash 
> Trenton Daniel and Michael Norton are publishing about Haiti in the 
> international press (which seems to be all right wing-sponsored these days), 
> some of us have become somewhat hypersensitive to anti-Afrikan 
> (anti-Haitian) clichés. In my opinion, the question you raised come from 
> that european tradition of demeaning black leadership, in order to continue 
> getting away with murder.
> Jafrikayiti >>
Dear Friend,

How is my question anti-Haitian?  I am questioning whether or not it is true
what the Haitians I know, who represent the largest percentage of Haitian
society, say about people in government positions.  They say the foreign aid
dollars rarely get to the people (Haitian people, I should say), because
there are too many crooked politicians in power positions who pocket the money.

My question is whether or not this is true.  Since it is Haitians who tell
me this, how could this be anti-Haitian?

I also understand what you say about the international press and the
outright lies about Haiti that are being propagated.  It makes me furious.
But there is a danger in being so politically correct that you cannot ask a
question that is so pertinent to the topic, which is; how could the
reparations be made effectively?   

C. Henrius