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From: Reginald Boulos <rboulos0303@yahoo.com>

It is so sad to see that there are still "Haitian
friends" trying to become better known through these
non-sense comments, with no connection to reality and
but hypothesis of conspiracy against the Haitian
The facts prove for themselves:
Until 1996, when we stop working in Cite Soleil, 98%
of pregnant women were vaccinated against Tetanus,
preventing Tetanus from the Newborn. Before, 1978,
Neonatal Tetanus was the leading cause of death among
infants. From 1991 to 1996, there were only 2 cases of
neonatal Tetanus in Cite Soleil.
Tuberculosis Management was among the best in Cite
Soleil. Since 1992 and until 1996, all Tb patients
were treated with the best package of Medicine, "the 6
month treatment", the same one used in the US and the
rest of the developed world. The completion rate for
treatment was above 70% which compares favorably with
was is reported in the literature.
Patients with AIDS received counseling about AIDS
prevention. Of course, we could not treat them. Maybe,
our Mambo could have been useful doing some
fundraising for AIDS treatment. This would have been
made a difference.
By the time, we left Ste Catherine Hospital in 1996,
this well equipped Hospital was performing over 600
deliveries of pregnant women a month, 125 surgical
operations a month, and provided the best quality care
available anywhere in Haiti.
Since 1996, The Ministry of Health with Dr
Mallebranche took over the management. Since then, As
our mambo said, they have been sitting and watching
more children die in Cite Soleil, more pregnant women
go without health care, more Tb and AIDS patients die
every day.
The only person that can talk for the people of Cite
Soleil are the people themselves. "ANALPHABET PAS
Go and ask them! Probably our mambo have never visited
Cite Soleil and would not even date to go there.
One day, the truth will be known about the greatest
injustice that was done to the people of Cite Soleil
when the best health care system in the country was
destroyed for political reason just to please
Mallebranche and his cronies like our "MAMBO".

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