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8241: Re: 8232: RE: FWD: 8218: Re: 8195: Reparations and crooked leaders red herring (Saint-Vil) (fwd)

From: Mysteries@aol.com

<< 3) By the way, I'd love to hear your (or anyone's) thoughts on the 
M-I-L-L-I-O-N-S the Jews received as monetary reparations from WWII...
-Amah Medard- >>

O please please please leave the Jews and the non-Jews who were persecuted 
and exterminated out of this one.  What an abominable idea: a suffering 
pissing contest.
I for one never received a penny for "WWll" nor did anyone in my family.  Is 
that like a 600 tax rebate?  Or is it hush money?  Genocide has been around a 
long long time.  Should Taliban and the other fundamentalists pay for their 
participation in the slave trade?

But just to keep on the track can we just stay historically accurate?  And 
logical?  please leave the Jews out of this one and maybe leave the 
generalities out of this one as well.  sigh.