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8250: 8201: RE: 8191: Re: 8190: Re: 8187: Re: 8183: AIDS and the Bashing o f Haiti (fwd)

From: Annie Liber <annie.liber@ujf-grenoble.fr>

Mambo Racine Sans Bout:

> > Other places in the world where USAID funded
> > vaccination programs were run out of similar centers with similar database
> > research programs also turned into hot spots for HIV infection.

I am epidemiologist and i know that there is a link between the rate of 
myocardial infarction and the number of TV in a population. But TV is not 
the reason of this desease : rich country have more TV and too rich nutrition.
A statistical link is not a cause. Poor population have more AIDS risk for 
many reasons : illeteracy, education level, less prevention ... and so on. 
Because they have less prevention, public health services are focusing 
vaccination programs on this area ... and have to improve AIDS prevention !

Dr Annie Liber