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8251: 20 years later, AIDS-Haiti, a painful anniversary (fwd)

From: Senou <senou@yahoo.com>

20 years later, AIDS-HAITI, a painful anniversary
Folks while I enjoying an unexpected nice summer
vacation in South Florida which may go after June 15
since we don't have that technology yet to produce a
passport in one day. Well in Haiti we are talking
about decentralization, but how come all passport
application shall be sent to the Haitian embassy at
Washington DC. (Just a parenthesis) 
Let go back to the AIDS issue. The political trouble
of Haiti has started in 1985. But before so, the
Haitian economy was already in ruined, at that
particular time tourist, who used to be our most
significant revenue had indeed collapsed.  Today, we
are living the aftermath and the consequences of this
injustice. I did not say that our poverty is linked to
that bashing, but one of the factors. Real Haitian
citizen have the rights to demand answer. I understand
some of you don't feel comfortable in discussing that
issue and some always try to bring some kind of
justification and depart from the main issue. Like
many don't feel comfortable talking about slavery, but
you don't how these folks can understand this strange
disparity that exists in America today. Nowadays, you
see young black men and women take for granted the
freedom they enjoy in the US. They don't vote but they
don't know if people had to die to exert that right.
When a highly educated makes this type of allegation,
that person may try to support his/her theory by
infecting people. Hey, some of you are going to claim,
this is preposterous. Chill out. A dentist in Florida
had infected her purposely with the AIDS virus. Her
name is Kimberly; it was well-publicized news.  The
Dentist did acknowledge it. Nobody knows how many were
purposely infected, but if someone can have the gut to
claim a such allegation that we Haitians had brought
AIDS into the world, he/she or that entity may try to
validate that allegation. If this could have happened
to Kimberly, it may happen to others. Be careful. 20
years, might seen a long time, for me, it was
yesterday. I was just beginning high school in my
native country, reading newspaper, watching the 6
O'clock news and hearing everyday foreign media,
foreign countries, foreign scientists claimed that we
had brought AIDS into the world. Haitian students who
where studying abroad were segregated, our folks were
forced to vacate their apartment, and hearing the
Chauffeur guide of Haiti said the tourist had stopped
coming which imply no more job for them. 20 years ago
our tourist industry had been destroyed to promote
other tourist places, 20 years ago some big countries
had claimed that we had brought AIDS into the world,
and still now even though no real cure has been found
for that deadly disease but the third world country
cannot find these junks medicine they have now to help
their own citizen.  Can you imagine if they are the
first to find a cure? 

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