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8252: Re: 8243: OAS Approves, Convergence Rejects! (fwd)

From: Jean Jean-Pierre <jean@acd-pc.com>

> Manbo wrote

> The Convergence's goal is *not* democracy, it is not the rule of law, it is
> not constitutional order, it is none of the fine-sounding phrases they use to
> cloak their policy of obstructionism and destabilization.  Their goal is
> re-establishment of right-wing hegemony, against the will of the Haitian
> people. They boycotted the last elections, then claimed that the government was
> illegitimate.  It's time for them to put up or shut up!

My opinion exactly. These Convergence atavistic, "antipèp", incompetent, anti
nationalistic, anti-democratic scoundrels derive their existence from this pseudo
crisis -or any other trumped-up crises-.   From Evans Paul to Hubert DeRonceray,
they are just a bunch of professional opponents.  Of course they don't really
want any election to take place. When was the last time anyone of them -with the
exception of Evans Paul who was mayor before he was trounced by singer Manno
Charlemagne- ever won  an election?  They squandered the last five years with
their interminable protests and never won the hearts of the people.  Now they
want to share power with Aristide.
Whether Lavalas was fair or not -and I think they screwed up big time and are
foolish and naive  enough to believe that TONTON SAM will bestow on Haiti even
a feather from this canard called "foreign aid"-, they were, nevertheless,
elected just as George W. Bush became president of the U.S.
The same Convergence that claimed being afraid to participate in last November
presidential election  now display enough GWO GRENN to form their own parallel
government. Talk about chutzpa.