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8253: Re: 8252: Re: 8243: OAS Approves, Convergence Rejects! (fwd)

From: MKarshan@aol.com

Hey, I'm glad to hear Jean-Jean talking the way he did. I know how hard he fought for democracy in Haiti and any true democrat should be furious by now.  But Jean-Jean what did you mean by "now they want to share power with Aristide"? Did you leave out the word DON'T?  Because that is the whole point of option zero -- they DON'T want to share power.  They (and their backers) want Aristide and all of Lavalas out!

Just an aside, I can't find Gourgue's "inaugural" speech on the CIP website.  I even did a search on their search engine!  How telling!  Maybe they don't want people to know they are aligned with a group that is calling for the return of the army!  If anyone else can find it on the website could you let me know.  Maybe I just overlooked it!