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8262: sign on letter re: Jean Dominique: signatures being collected (Eng. version) (fwd)

From: <Richardsonjb@aol.com>


As promised, here is the English language translation of the Creole original
open (i.e. sign-on) letter regarding the investigations into the
assassinations of Jean Dominique and Jean Claude Louissaint.  Although the
letter was released today because of the fast moving developments and, in
particular, the threats against the investigating judge, signatures are
still being collected.  To sign on, return an e-mail to this address 
(Richardsonjb@aol.com) with name of
the organization, name of person authorizing signature, and contact
information (e-mail, tel, fax, mailing address).  Feel more than free to
circulate this letter to your lists...

Letter follows and is attached as well...  French version in proces...

Laurie Richardson
for the Foundation to Echo the Voice of Jean Dominique

Open Letter
Regarding the Investigation Into the Assasinations
of Jean L. Dominique and Jean Claude Louissaint

8 June 2001

Fellow citizens,

In light of the current situation in Haiti, particularly after the latest
developments surrounding the investigation into the assassinations of Jean
Dominique and Jean Claude Louissaint, we must remain calm.  Yet, at the same
time, in the face of the troubles that certain individuals are trying to
spread, we must remain vigilant in order to block the path of all those
criminals and wrongdoers whose hands are stained with the blood of that
eminent man and his co-worker.

The crime that was committed in the courtyard of Radio Haiti on April 3,
2000 will not be solved with crafty declarations....  but rather through a
proper trial in the courtroom.  The ordinance to be issued by the
judge will be the foundation for this trial.  It is this ordinance that we
await impatiently.

Yet today, we hear that troubles are brewing once again.  It seems that
those implicated in the death of Jean Do have once again hired assassins.
time, it is Judge Claudy Gassant, the judge investigating the crime, who is
their target.  They believe that they will thus be able to block the
ordinance, that they can avoid trial.  They believe that they can once again
sow terror, so that the people in this country will never vanquish this two
headed beast that is impunity/insecurity and which gives birth to injustice.
They believe that they can condemn Haiti's history to eternal repetition.

Fellow citizens,

Justice stands at an historic crossroads in the case of the assassinations
of Jean Dominique and Jean Claude Louissaint.  We can chose lend a hand to
away with impunity; we can choose to cross our arms and allow impunity to
continue to gain momentum.  If we refuse to join our efforts, this
historical crossroads will turn into just another roundabout, like many
others before
it.  We each have our part to play.  For this reason, we who have signed
this letter address special words to these citizens in particular:

Investigating Judge Claudy Gassant :

Judge Gassant, we salute the courage, determination and professionalism
which you have shown thus far in handling the Jean Dominique and Jean Claude
Louissaint case.  We encourage you not to let these new threats stop you
from continuing your important work.  We, along with many other
throughout the world, support you and we remain vigilant.  But, until your
ordinance is published, your work is not finished.  You know that the public
thirsts for the conclusions of your investigation, but we won't accept a
shoddy ordinance, we won't accept a bogus ordinance.  We are all aware that
this ordinance will be the cornerstone for the prosecution of the case in
the courts.  We await, but we can't afford to wait too long...

Public Prosecutor Attorney Josué Pierre-Louis :

Attorney Pierre-Louis, it is you who stands in the upcoming crossroads for
this historic case.  As defender of the public good, you are responsible for
quickly and properly enacting the judge's ordinance.  We hope that you will
act calmly and in accordance with the law in order to arrest all those who
are charged as perpetrators or accomplices in this crime, no matter who they
may be.  History will judge you for the role that you play.

Minster of Justice Attorney Garry Lissade:

Minister Lissade, you are the overseer of the justice system, and the
Haitian people are watching you closely.  It is your responsibility to
provide all
the means necessary to ensure that this case can move forward.  We are tired
of empty declarations.  We await actions.  Today once again, we hear news of
a plot being prepared to assassinate the investigative judge, Claudy

 We remind you that it is you, Minister Lissade, who is directly responsible
for protecting the life of the judge working on this case.  You are aware
that this case is extremely important for the nation, as well as for the
reputation of the very judicial system that you lead.  We demand yet once
again that you take all measures necessary to protect the lives and property
of those close to the victims, as well as all other individuals who are
involved in the case in one way or another.  When the case meets obstacles,
it is your responsibility to remove them so that it may move forward.

President of the Republic, Mr. Jean-Bertrand Aristide:

President Aristide :  May we remind you that you swore to uphold and to
ensure respect for the nation's constitution.  In addition, over the
airwaves of Radio Haiti on April 3, 2000, you acknowledged your
responsibility and you gave your word that you would not allow anything
prevent the judicial system from meting out justice.  The eyes of all Haiti
and of the entire world are watching you.  We wait for you to show us that
justice is not simply a meaningless word for you.

Fellow citizens,

Justice is a right.  It is not a handout for which we must beg.  Yet, for
too long, the cauldron of justice in this country has been cooked on one
only.  Before it is served, it is divided up between those with power and
means.  Today, we solemnly swear that we refuse to content ourselves with
the burned portion, we refuse the uncooked morsels.  We demand that the
cauldron be allowed to cook completely, and that its contents be served up
in equal measure for all the nation's children.

Fellow citizens,

The persons who wish to stand in the path of justice for Jean Dominique and
Jean Claude Louissaint may have hatched a plan, but they are lousy
strategists.  We will strengthen our bonds of solidarity so that Jean
Dominique and Jean Claude Louissaint may receive justice.  We, the civil
society organizations who have sent this letter, we are determined to
organize tirelessly in order to strengthen our mobilization against the two
headed beast of impunity/insecurity that is ravaging Haiti.  We encourage
each and every citizen, man and woman alike ; and each and every
organization, be it in Port au Prince or in the countryside, to join in.

Journalists have fallen, teachers have perished.  Elders have fallen,
children have perished.  Men from the city have fallen, women from the
countryside have perished.  School children have fallen, workers have
perished.  Policemen have fallen, civilians have perished.  Doctors have
fallen, businessmen have perished.  Priests have fallen, nuns have perished.
Pastors have fallen, voudou worshipers have perished.  And as Jean Do
warned us :  « The assassins are still amongst us.  Who will be the next
victim? »
Let us rise up together massively so as to stop this train of death, so as
to bury once and for all the phenomenon of impunity.  Haitians, wherever you
may be, brave compatriots, what could be more important than protecting life

Haitian Civil Society Organizations Which Have Signed To Date*:

Antenn Ouvriyè - Workers Antenna
Association des Journalists Haïtiens (AJH) -
Association of Haitian Journalists
Association parents des enfants victims d'intoxication au diéthylène glicol
Association of Parents of Children Victims of Diethylene Glycol Poisoning
Centre Oecuménique Droits Humains (CODH) -
Ecumenical Center for Human Rights
Club des Journalists Humanists d'Haïti -
Haitian Club of Humanist Journalists
Coalition National pour les Droits Haitiens (NCHR) -
National Coalition for Haitian Rights
Conféderation Nationale des Educateurs Haïtiens (CNEH) -
National Federation of Haitian Teachers
Fon Lanbi Pou Ayiti - Lambi Fund for Haiti
Fondasyon Eko Vwa Jean Dominique -
Foundation to Echo the Voice of Jean Dominique
Fondasyon Trant Septanm -
September 30 Foundation
Konbit pou Sove Ayiti (KONSA) -
Collective to Save Haiti
Kowodinasyon paran viktim masak Kafou Fey -
Coalition of Parents of Victims of the Carrefour Feuilles Massacre
Plateforme des Organisations Haïtiennes des Droits Humains (POHDH) -
Platform of Haitian Human Rights Organizations
Radio Haïti - Radio Haiti
Radio Pyramide FM (St. Marc) - Radio Pyramide
Réseau Caraïbeen de Presse (RECAP) - Caribbean Press Network
Tet Kole Ti Peyizan Ayisyen - Heads Together Little Peasants

International Organizations Which Have Signed in Solidarity To Date*:

Beyond Borders
The Lambi Fund of Haiti

* We are still collecting signatures.