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8263: FWD : Seven Senators Resign (fwd)

From: Racine125@aol.com

President Aristide Keeps Commitment: Seven Senators Officially Resign From 
Haitian Senate
Updated: Tue, Jun 05 4:29 PM EDT 
PORT AU PRINCE, Haiti, June 5 /PRNewswire/ -- Seven Senators officially 
resigned from the Haitian Senate today, demonstrating President Aristide's 
commitment to democracy in Haiti. The seven seats were occupied by officials 
whose election was contested by opposition parties and international 
observers of the May 2000 election.

The new Senate resignations meet a provision of five critical steps developed 
by the Organization of American States and President Aristide to address 
concerns regarding the structure of the Haitian government and its electoral 
process. These steps are part of an agreement designed to ensure Haiti a 
fairly elected democratic government, and restore the international aid that 
has been suspended as a result of election disputes. President Aristide hopes 
to speed the process of meeting all requirements in order to maintain the 
support of the international community.

"This demonstrates our commitment to a free and democratic Haiti. We hope to 
soon resolve any remaining questions and focus on developing the Haitian 
economy and creating a better way of life for all Haitians," explained 
President Aristide.