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8346: Re: 8336: Dany Toussaint ...Rant courtesy of Dorce (fwd)

From: LAKAT47@aol.com

Jraphaelg@aol.com writes:

" While that editorial was neighbors a masterpiece, I would like to invite 
 everyone on the corbetre list to check out articles dealing with the same 
 issues on www.lihadh.com
 jrg   >>
Well if I ever thought I couldn't be more confused, here is a fine kettle of 
fish!  I mean, I don't even know what my previous sentence means!  Forgive me 
for not making sense but really!  So, is Dany Toussaint the villain or the 
hero or both or neither?  Is he Lavalas or a pretender?  I like to judge a 
man by his enemies and his friends.....but who are they??  Does the 
opposition hate Toussaint or love him?  Is he Aristide's protector or his 
Achilles heel?  How diabolical is this whole thing?  How Machavellian?  Is it 
possible to ever unravel this mystery?  You know it's this kind of messy 
politics that makes people crazy.  How can you ever trust anyone?  How can 
anyone get anything done if nothing is as it seems?  When good is bad and bad 
is worse?  You know what we need?  Simplism..  I just made that up....but it 
means black is black and white is white.......and you can always tell what is 
going on.  People are easily fooled because they want to be.  It doesn't have 
to be this labyrinthian.  The only way to be happy in Haiti is to be detached 
from anything political......it has been ever thus.  

Talk about ranting.......sorry but it has been bubbling for a long time.  Art 
and Music are nice...

Kathy Dorce~