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8348: Re: 8327: Dual Citizenship Dorce comments (fwd)

From: LAKAT47@aol.com


<< However, I think that allowing dual citizenship will make it 
 possible for more "Haitians" living in Haiti to "come out of the closet" and 
 will put an end to this highly irregular situation. >>
Ordinarily, and generally I think holding dual citizenship is ok.  However, 
in this case with so many Haitians in the diaspora who have  removed 
themselves from daily life in Haiti and might be completely or partially out 
of touch with current issues, it doesn't seem prudent.  I am not so concerned 
with those in Haiti who hold US papers.  That is just survival.  But those in 
the US who have no intention of living under conditions that may be 
legislated in Haiti by voters, why should they hold sway over those who live 

If voting in Haiti were as routine as it is here, it might be different.  But 
when voting involves risking life and limb, then all voters should be taking 
the same risk.  If you want to vote in Haiti, move to Haiti.  This issue is 
moot as soon as Haiti reaches political and economic stability.  Today, it's 
an issue.

Kathy Dorce~