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8349: 8319: Double Citizenship - Dorce to Jean-Pierre (fwd)

From: LAKAT47@aol.com

Jean-Pierre <jean@acd-pc.com writes:

<< Until the actual regime in Haiti gets wise and instructs the parliament to 
amend the constitution and confer dual-citizenship on the 2 mil. Haitians of 
the Diaspora WE will always be on our knees depending on the so-called 
international community to cover more than 80% of Haiti's budget. >>

I don't see how dual citizenship will change the fact of Haiti's dependence 
on foreign assistance.  The argument that the Diaspora provides a great deal 
of money to Haitian economy through benificent transmissions to family and 
friends and so should reap the benefits of Haitian citizenship is flawed.  If 
it rankles to send money and receive nothing for it from Haiti in the way of 
voting rights, then simply do not send money.  If you are sending it out of 
duty or kindness, then let this act be its own reward.  I say be a faithful 
husband to Haiti, live there, work there, vote there.....;)

Kathy Dorce~