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8359: Re:#8349 Jean Jean-Pierre responds to Dorce (fwd)

From: Jean Jean-Pierre <jean@acd-pc.com>

Ms. Dorce,

I don't quite comprehend the logic of your post # 8349..  You took the
liberty of assuming that my (only) reason is economic when you said, “
The argument that the Diaspora provides a great deal of money to Haitian
economy through benificent transmissions to family and friends and so
should reap the benefits of Haitian citizenship is flawed."
To begin with, I never complained about not being able to vote while
we're sending OUR money.  I always find this attitude to be a bit
arrogant. (Please re-read my entire post and don’t use ellipses to carve
out  parts thereof).

My point  goes beyond your simplistic idea of “faithful husband to
Haiti”.  I did not leave Haiti because I was traitorous.  And I don't
have to “live there and work there” to genuinely participate in its
(Haiti) development. I can do that from anywhere, thank you.  Many of
the Jews who have help built (and arm) the state of Israel have never
visited the place. Your notion is exactly what causes many brothers and
sisters in Haiti to harbor and exude this anti-Diaspora attitude which
helps creating (and increasingly enlarging) the chasm existing between
Haitians inside and those outside.  How do many Haitians invest in Haiti
when there are PALPABLE anti-Diaspora sentiments being expressed
publicly in Haiti.
I'm not blaming just Haitians in Haiti for this anti-Diapora problem.
We do have our share (some of us act as if we were superior to our
brethren over there).  And I'm not under the illusion that this
dual-citizenship thing will be the ultimate panacea.  Nevertheless,
dual-citizenship is a long step toward bridging the gap.
Allow me reiterate that we would not be the only ones.  Israel, the
United States,  Mexico, the Dominican Republic etc…all have adopted the
principle of dual citizenship.
Another reason.
Dictator François Duvalier decreed a law stating that (I'm paraphrasing)

“Any naturalized Haitian will lose his adopted citizenship after
spending 24 hours on
Haitian soil.”  Therefore he/she will have to acquire a new Haitian
passport (it usually takes a few weeks). Tell that to a
businessperson.   By the way, that law is (as far as I know) still in