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8360: More on Grupo Vocal Desandann (fwd)

From: Yapling@aol.com

There has been several articles posted about the Miami visit of Grupo Vocal Desandann, the Cuban/Haitian a cappella group that created quite a stir in Miami last week.  They were brought to Miami after much effort by Elizabeth Boone the executive director of the Miami Light Project. The Miami Light Project is a not-for-profit cultural organization that presents live performances by innovative contemporary dance, theater and media artist.They have connected with the underserved communities of Miami-Dade County though their extensive outreach efforts that include partnerships with small, often new art organizations. They are in the forefront of innovative, cultural programming for Miami. Last week’s presentation of Grupo Vocal Desandann in a four day residency that helped bridge the cultural divide between Cubans and Haitians in Miami  was also a collaboration with YAP /  Ynot Art Productions Inc a not-for-profit art organization.
Gina Cunningham, long-time Corbett list member and executive  director of YAP has a ten-year history of working with the community of Miami Dade County. At Tap Tap, the restaurant she built with Peter Eves, they established a cultural center that served the Haitian Community as well as all residents of Miami.Since leaving Tap Tap in January 2000, they have been working with FIAC (Florida Immigrant Advocacy Center) an award winning, not- for-profit legal organization that aids immigrants. They have made three benefit videos for FIAC. In May 2000, they also completed a video for The Florida Bar Association in conjunction with The Florida Association of Women Lawyers. The video profiled eight of the first 150 women to be admitted to The Florida Bar. The video was shown on Florida Public Television 
The Miami Light Project and YAP are now in post production phase of a digital video documentary about Grupo Vocal Desandann’s historic visit to Miami. The project has been funded by a community grant from Miami Dade County. The MiamI Light Project and YAP plan to premiere this documentary about Haitian /Cuban relations in the year 2002. Anyone who would like more information on this project or who has information or stories regarding Haitian migration to Cuba can contact Gina, her e-mail address is: yapling@aol.com