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8370: Highlights of Radio Galaxie news (fwd)

From: Max Blanchet <maxblanchet@worldnet.att.net>

Haiti: Highlights of Radio Galaxie news 1800 gmt 18 Jun 01
BBC Monitoring Service - United Kingdom; Jun 19, 2001

Port-au-Prince Radio Galaxie in French was monitored with fair reception
from 1800 gmt to 1900 gmt on 18 June 01. The following are highlights of the

Planning Minister Marc Bazin and Finance Minister Gustave Faubert presented
today the broad outline of the five-year development plan for 2001-2006. The
finance minister stated that developing this action plan will allow all
institutions to work together. He said this is a positive initiative.

Second year final exams were held today. No problems were reported. However,
various education organizations criticized the Education Ministry for
irregularities that took place in the sixth grade exams that were held last

Barricades were set up again today in Carrefour-Feuilles where clashes have
been taking place since last week. The police director general reported in a
press conference that the area is calm and that the police are looking for
those responsible for deaths and destruction of property.

Examining Judge Claudy Gassant left the country on Saturday, 16 June. He
assured that he is not fleeing, and that he will resume his duties if
conditions are met. Meanwhile, in a press conference at the Justice Ministry
today, Justice Minister Garry Lissade urged the judge to return without
delay. He affirmed that all resources are available to him to allow him to
function. He added that the brief from the public prosecutor will be issued
tomorrow, and the only thing left will be for the judge to hand down his
final ruling.

The Senate decided on Friday, 15 June, that it is premature to summon the
justice minister and police chief to provide details about the questioning
of prisoners in the National Penitentiary about the Dominique murder, as
requested by Dany Toussaint. The Lavalas senators decided to allow justice
to take its course. Senator Clones Lans explained to reporters the principle
of separation of powers.

At the Port-au-Prince cathedral yesterday Convergence member Paul Denis and
Edouard Paultre, a member of the Civil Society Initiative Group (GISC),
spoke to reporters about the need to help the population by resolving the
crisis. Paul Denis spoke of things being "at their lowest ebb" and that it
is up to everyone to do their part to end the crisis.

Richard Dumel, a presidency spokesman, stated that the president is doing
everything possible to end the crisis. He reported that some parties have
responded to the request to participate in forming a new electoral council.

The Saint-Nicholas hospital reports a fever epidemic in the commune of
Saint-Marc that began more than a week ago.

Source: Radio Galaxie, Port-au-Prince, in French 1800 gmt 18 Jun 01

/BBC Monitoring/  BBC.