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8371: Safety First (fwd)

From: Senou <senou@yahoo.com>

In talking about "SAFETY" how many of you will favor
the government to take "Full Measure" against criminal
or "Zenglendo" without any doubt, the Zenglendo's
Phenomenon must stop and it will take a strong man to
do that job. Are we willing to give full immunity
toward future prosecution to whoever who will take the
lead to eradicate Zenglendo in the country. A limited
innocent will be victim in that war, this happen in
any risky operation. Last month the US and Colombian
army had shot down a missionary plane in Colombia.
Since everyone is complaining about the same thing,
the Haitian government has the obligation to remove
that fear by staging a full-scale war against
Zenglendo. In the meantime, it could have been a good
idea for the government to register all taxis driver
who serve the airport area in the long run all taxis
drivers should be registered. All tourists local or
foreign shall change their currency to the Haitian
Gourde at the airport. No one should be allowed to
change money in the street, the Haitian government
shall not allow the US dollar do be circulated in the
market, only Haitian currency. Also, the Haitian
government shall not release any Haitian criminal
deported from the US, these criminals who were raised
in the US are account for 90% of high-level crime in
Haiti. The US is better equipped to handle these
professional thieves. 
How many of you are ready to give the Haitian
government a GREEN LIGHT to fight these criminals by
any mean? 

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