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8372: Re: 8365: Re: 8358: Dual Citizenship Dorce to Racine (fwd)

From: Racine125@aol.com

<< Yes, but most of these are Americans working temporarily in Haiti with 
 main residence in the US.  And the few ex-pats who do vote in US elections 
 are hardly imposing their agendas on people in completely disparate living 
 conditions.  I would not equate the two situations in any way.  

Don't be so sure - one of the things that pushed that George W. Bush person 
over the top was the absentee ballots from US servicemen.

In any case, if American citizens living in Haiti can vote in the USA, then 
Haitian citizens living in the USA should be able to vote in Haiti.  It's not 
up to anyone else to decide why they are voting or who they should vote for, 
they are Haitian citizens.

Peace and love,

Bon Mambo Racine Sans Bout Sa Te La Daginen

"Se bon ki ra" - Good is rare
     Haitian Proverb

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