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8373: New Power Generation in Haiti. (fwd)

From: Max Blanchet <maxblanchet@worldnet.att.net>

>From BBC News Monitoring Service:

"Electricity of Haiti's capability has increased by 20 megawatts of
electricity received from the consortium Haytian Tractor and Energy
International since 15 June. This has led to four more hours of
electricity each day in Port-au-Prince."

This is welcome news indeed!

But this project raises interesting questions:

-- Is it owned by that consortium which simply sells the power
to EDH? Or was the power plant simply built by the consortium
for EDH which owns and operates it. In the case of the former,
this would represent a significant departure in the manner in which
power is produced in Haiti. A sort of privatization through the back
door! What are the contractual arrangements?

-- What technology does this facility use? The conventional, but
relatively inefficient diesel generator set or the more advanced,
efficient and less-polluting combined cycle technology?

-- Another issue has to do with the economics of such a facility.
Given that 60% of electrical output is lost due to illegal hookups in
poor neighborhoods and the widespread use of the "konbèlann" in
more prosperous ones, how does EDH, or a private entity for that
matter,  recover the cost of such an operation? Would the 40% that
pays be charged for the total cost? This would translate into very
expensive power! Or is the power subsidized by the state? Given
the sorry state of the GOH's economic situation, this is hardly a
sustainable option!

-- In recent weeks, it was announced that the GOH was negotiating
with the Dominicans the supply of about 50 MW of power that
will transit via the Peligre transmission line. Where does that project
stand? What about the "other hydraulic work" reportedly underway
in the DR that would greatly reduce Peligre's capacity? Is it a case of
"lave men, siye l atè?" What about the GOH giving the public some
idea of the contractual arrangements and that "other work" in the
name of transparency "Lavalassienne?"

Is this asking too much?

Angle ekri, angle konprann!