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8380: Re: 8372: Re: 8365: Re: 8358: Dual Citizenship Dorce to Racine (fwd)

From: P D Bellegarde-Smith <pbs@csd.uwm.edu>

> From: Racine125@aol.com
> << Yes, but most of these are Americans working temporarily in Haiti with 
> their 
>  main residence in the US.  And the few ex-pats who do vote in US elections 
>  are hardly imposing their agendas on people in completely disparate living 
>  conditions.  I would not equate the two situations in any way.  
>   >>
> Don't be so sure - one of the things that pushed that George W. Bush person 
> over the top was the absentee ballots from US servicemen.
> In any case, if American citizens living in Haiti can vote in the USA, then 
> Haitian citizens living in the USA should be able to vote in Haiti.  It's not 
> up to anyone else to decide why they are voting or who they should vote for, 
> they are Haitian citizens.
> Peace and love,
> Bon Mambo Racine Sans Bout Sa Te La Daginen
	These Americans are either U.S. soldiers on mission abroad or
missionaries abroad or NGO or U.S. government workers whose residence is
in the UNited States. They shall return home, usually sooner rather
than later. This does not equate with Haitians who live abroad
with no desire ever to live in Haiti. The situation presents differently
with some countries such as Greece or Germany where one cannot renounce
citizenship, or with Third World countries trying to impact on U.S.
foreign policy through domestic politics such as Mexico and the Dominican
Republic. Israel, as usual, finds itself in a most peculiar space! It does
receive special treatment in terms of this issue. 
	While growing up in Port-au-Prince, I knew of many Haitians with
many passports, one in particular, had five (5). 
 	Does anyone know about the final disposition by the French
government with reference to ex-President Jean-Claude Duvalier whose
grandfather, the school teacher Duval Duvalier was part of an exodus from
the French Antilles?
			Patrick Bellegarde-Smith,Ph.D.
			University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee