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8379: Safety First (fwd)

From: Derrick J <derrickj66@yahoo.com>

I believe that most Haitians would agree to almost
anything to have safety restored in the country.
The proper question is not "are we willing to give the
Haitian government Green Light to fight the criminals"
but rather is the Haitian government willing to fight
the criminals?
After hearing about all these waves of crimes
occurring in the country, one begins to wonder whether
government cares about the safety of the population,
since no drastic measures have been taken.
Safety should be be the number one priority of the
Lavalas government, considering the urgency of the
matter. Without a certain margin of safety,
investors will not risk their money in Haiti.
Measures such as Taxi registration, laws about
currency exchange, sentencing of criminals so on and
so forth,
are great ideas and should be implemented.
Many Haitians living abroad are waiting for Haiti to
become like it used to be in the good old days, where
anyone could go anywhere, at anytime without any fear.
Then we will see a huge migration of Haitians back to