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8403: RE: FWD: 8389: Re: 8382: Re: I want to scream (fwd)

From: amah <amah@gwu.edu>

>From: LAKAT47@aol.com
>To those who advocate dual citizenship for Haitians living abroad permanently
>(not meaning NEVER going back, but with a permanent residence in a country
>other than Haiti) I would ask:  How about if you are willing to pay taxes to
>Haiti as a condition of citizenship, you may vote in Haitian elections? This
>might be a solution.

Fellow Corbetters,

That's not the point. The point is that you can't have your cake and eat it 
too. Democracy has been structured in a way that requires us to invest in the 
culture, land, economy, and government which protects, privides for, and 
governs us...hence giving us the PRIVILEDGE of calling ourself a citizen of 
that country. Honestly I'm getting sick of all this citizenship discussion 
because it just shows how selfish we are...debating AT LENGTH how we can have 
all the benifits being "American"...while still pledging "emotional" 
allegience to Haiti. Enough selfishness already. Let's all grow up and stop 
being petty. You want to be Haitian: don't just enjoy it's culture and history 
- contribute to it...the same goes for America. We must stop straddling the 
fence...how is Haiti supposed to become an industrialized and prosperous 
country with us - its educated folk - not sure which side we want to be on (OR 
ARE WE EVEN THINKING ABOUT THIS)?! Why are we even part of this discussion 
group? Is it to flaunt our knowledge and be highly regarded for showing off 
and blabbing our eloquently stated multi-layered thoughts? Or, is it out of 
earnest concern and regard for Haiti? Be "Haitian" because you love Haiti and 
because Haiti helps define you - be "American" because you love America and 
because it helps define you. Otherwise we're all like kids in a candy store 
who are gobbling up all goods but do not want to pay.

-Amah Medard-

p.s. Please don't write me telling me I need to check myself - having grown up 
with an American mother and Haitian father IN HAITI, I have a good perspective 
on things.