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8404: Electricity (fwd)

From: Constantin Severe <csevere@hotmail.com>

  I don't know how the rates for electricity or telephones are tiered in 
Haiti but in the US home phone service is basically subsidized by businesses 
who pay a much higher rate. It is the same story with rural/ subsidized by 
city residents and local-- subsidized by long distance users. This is an 
oversimplification, it is not an actual subsidy but has the same effect. 
There is also a fee on most phone bills to support universal service.
If the Haitian Gov't ever got its act together this could be a solution 
along with direct government subsidies. For all Haitians to finally make it 
into the 20th Century much less  the 21st Century, electrical and phone 
service needs to be available at reasonable rates.
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