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8412: For those in the Atlanta area (fwd)

From: Dotie Joseph <dotiej@hotmail.com>

Greetings Fellow Corbetteers,

I am currently working in a non-profir in Atlanta, and we received a call 
from a gentleman in South Florida trying to seek out the Haitian community 
in Atlanta--where he will soon be rellocating. As I haven't even been here 
for one whole week, I am requesting your help to suggest an individual or an 
organization he can contact. From my conversation with him, he is just 
interested in touching base with the Haitian community here. Please email 
him directly (as he is not a list member) at: fritz.celestin@yahoo.com .

Any and all responses are greatly appreciated and I thank you in advance for 
any assistance you may be able to offer.

Ansamm Ansamm,
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