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8413: Re: EdH and Haiti (#9394)

From: persevere  <persevere@infospacemail.com>

"Even the wealthy with inverters that convert battery-stored DC power to AC current suffer because the
electric company cannot pump enough energy to recharge the batteries." 


Speaking as a first-hand witness:  the wealthy use diesel Kubota's (generators) that recharge their inverter batteries, so that they can enjoy their satellite dish television (with a stolen code, so that they do not have to pay for the satellite service), and a tall glass of ice cold citronade with a microwave-heated evening snack after their tennis match at JoTac or the PV Club - or maybe after their ride at Chemaly's or Henfrasa, their ballroom dancing, or skiing at the beach.  (Even when there was a fuel shortage, several 55-gallon drums of fuel were stockpiled in their home and at their place of business after receiving "inside information" of impending shortages and elevated fuel prices.)
Their only suffering might be through the pocket:  they have to pay for diesel instead of steal electricity through cleverly rigged electrical counters.  

"Sel Moun Ki Mache Lan Nuyt Ka we Zetwal"

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