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8416: Highlights of Radio Haiti-Inter (fwd)

From: Max Blanchet <maxblanchet@worldnet.att.net>

"Inter Current Events" news; figures in brackets indicate times in minutes
elapsed since start of programme; passages within double oblique strokes in

1. [00] Headlines.

2. [05] Report on the dollar exchange rates at various banks in

3. [06] Recorded remarks by [the late, murdered] Jean Dominique: "I do not
have any other weapon here other than my profession of journalist, my
microphone, and my unshakable faith as a militant for change, true change.
It is good to tell this truth this morning, the truth of a free man."

4. [06] A Radio Haiti Inter journalist was attacked last night. Two
individuals in a Tracker sport-utility vehicle brandished their weapons at
journalist Fritzon Aureus, whose car they had followed after they broke a
window of the Radio Haiti Inter vehicle, which the bandits clearly
identified as a vehicle belonging to Radio Haiti Inter. They specified that
it was Jean Dominique's car. The bandits were in a red Tracker with licence
plates OI 5142. They forced any potential witnesses to hide in an Esso
petrol station and told them: "We are from the police."

Aureus, who explains that the bandits broke the driver's side window of his
car, says: "//The bandits attacked me with weapons in their hands and said:
I know this car. It belonged to Jean Dominique, of Radio Haiti Inter.//"
Aureus adds: "//What surprises me is that the men identified the car and
said that it belonged to Dominique. I think that what is bound to happen in
this country on the judicial level, on the social level, or the political
level will nevertheless happen. I think that if they want to kill people,
they should not kill us journalists, because we are not the ones who make
events happen. As Jean Dominique used to say all the time, we are just the
thermometers. I am just a thermometer that shows that there is a fever. If
they want to know the cause of the fever, they must look for it elsewhere
but not among us journalists.//"

5. [16] The first reaction to this attack is that of Guy Delva,
secretary-general of Association of Haitian Journalists, AJH: "We deplore
and condemn this attack in which our colleague Fritzon Aureus was a victim
last night." Delva said that perhaps the attackers have some reason to blame
Radio Haiti Inter, such as for its political commentaries, because they
clearly identified the vehicle. He calls on the competent authorities "to
take every measure to ensure the security of journalists, just as it is
important to ensure the security of all Haitians."

6. [19] Ads that declare: "No to impunity. Yes to justice. No to tolerance
towards criminals. Yes to arrests, trials and prisons for criminals. This is
one of the struggles Jean was waging. This is one of the struggles Radio
Haiti has been waging for more than 25 years. This struggle has caused Radio
Haiti to be persecuted for more than 20 years. But do not worry, Radio Haiti
swings, but it will not fall." Recorded remarks by Dominique: "Rendering
justice against the murderers means thwarting the murderers' plans. This
means preventing them from committing other crimes. If [we keep talking,
without actually doing anything] the investigation continues. As happened
this morning, we will have a new dead body in our arms. So, who will be the
next victim? The murderers are in town?"

7. [20] Zero tolerance for zenglendos. Any zenglendo caught in the act is
guilty. These statements were made by the head of state during a visit to
the Office of the Inspector-General of the Haitian National Police, PNH.
President Jean-Bertrand Aristide encourages the police to act ruthlessly and
with the utmost rigour against the zenglendos. He urges citizens living in
provincial cities not to hesitate to denounce to the police the presence of
zenglendos and criminals who take refuge in their regions. Fritzon Aureus
will present a report on the visit by the head of state in support of the
PNH in a few minutes, after the pause.

8. [21] Musical pause.

9. [22] Report by Aureus: Any zenglendo caught in the act of murder or
robbery must be considered guilty. This is a statement by Aristide, who was
visiting the general management of the PNH. The purpose of the president's
visit was to lend his support to the policemen who have restored security in
the country. He congratulated the policemen for having obeyed the orders of
their superiors to ensure the people's security. The president asked the
people to help the policemen with their job. The following is an excerpt
from Aristide's remarks: "//My presence here shows my willingness to
encourage people who are doing a good job. The police have provided more
security. It is my duty and my pleasure to encourage them.// He said that he
was repeating what he said on 7 February, that is, zero tolerance for
zenglendos. He adds: "//I am proud to see that// the policemen have had many
good results with little means."

9. [25] Ads.

10. [28] Human rights organizations are worried about the statements made
yesterday by the head of state against zenglendos. The Haitian Platform for
Human Rights, PHDH, stands against Aristide's statements that urge policemen
to exercise zero tolerance against zenglendos and criminals. Serge
Bordenave, a PHDH official, says: "//We understand very well that such a
statement should not be made by a head of state, who should consider
whatever he says. We do not believe that summary executions will settle

11. [30] Pierre Esperance, of the National Coalition for Human Rights,
denounces Aristide's statements that called for the summary executions of
zenglendos. Esperance says: "//It is clear that what zenglendos are doing in
the country is unacceptable. But at the same time, we do not agree with the
issue of summary executions. We do not agree to have a police force that is
arresting, killing and executing people.//" Esperance, who thinks the
country's biggest problem is insecurity, urges the president to "//regain
his self-control.//" Esperance goes on to say: "//We do not agree with the
president's statement on summary executions.//"

12. [33] President Aristide has announced that he will meet today at the
National Palace the two armed groups from Fort-Mercredi and Grande Ravine.
He congratulated the mediators who facilitated dialogue between these
groups. He congratulated the head of the police and the interior minister
for the role they played in restoring peace in Fort-Mercredi and Grande
Ravine, where a conflict led to the deaths of about 20 people. He says: "I
am proud to see how the people cooperated in maintaining the flag of peace."

13. [35] Ads.

14. [36] News summary, followed by ads.

15. [41] Headlines and ads.

16. [44] International news, followed by ads.

17. [48] Report by correspondent Gilman Saint-Fort in Grand-Goave:
Supporters of Senator Toussaint who are members of the Committee for
Solidarity With Dany Toussaint [Komite Solidarite ak Dany Toussaint,
Kosolda], blocked National Road 2 in Grand-Goave yesterday morning.
According to their statements, the demonstrators wanted to denounce a plot
hatched within the Lavalas Family, FL, to accuse the senator from the West.
Thereafter, the Grand-Goave police prevented a demonstration by Kosolda
members who gathered in the town's public square. It should be pointed out
that graffiti observed on walls in Grand-Goave denounce a plot against Dany
Toussaint and want him for president in 2006.

18. [50] Senator Yvon Neptune, interim national representative of the FL,
says the 25 June deadline for the formation of the new Provisional Electoral
Council, CEP, will be respected. The new CEP members should not defend the
interests of the groups that nominate them, but that of the entire
community. He says that despite the numerous negotiation attempts by his
party, the Democratic Convergence has refused to be part of this new CEP.
The following is an excerpt from his statements: "It is not a question of
having a CEP in which each sector nominates to the CEP a person who defends
the interests of that sector. The most important thing is that we need to
have within the CEP members from various groups, from the various proposals
that have been made." He explains how the CEP will be formed, while adding:
"We are going to have a credible and independent CEP that inspires
confidence." He says: "The CEP Aristide is looking for is a truly
independent and neutral CEP."

19. [53] Guy Petit-Pierre, representative of the European Union in Haiti,
hopes the OAS resolution will favour a solution to the Haitian crisis.
According Petit-Pierre, getting out of this political deadlock means the
release of 44m euros for Haiti within the framework of the Lome agreements.
Furthermore, Petit-Pierre says he would like to see the protagonists
involved in the crisis reach a political agreement.

20. [58] Report on the first congress of the Civil Society Majority
Movement, MSCM, on the theme "What civil society for Haiti?" About 200
people attended this congress yesterday.

21. [60] Headlines, followed by the national anthem and ads against

22. [61] International news.

23. [63] Report by Jean-Delec Mezy: The case of Yanick Augustin, the nurse
who is accused of being involved in the disappearance of Nanoune Myrthil's
baby from the General Hospital, is scheduled to be heard by judges at the
Court of Appeals on 21 June. Lawyers from both parties have been informed of
the new date for this hearing. The baby's parents hope the nurse's lawyers
are not going to ask for another postponement. Myrthil denounces the
irresponsibility of the judicial leadership in Haiti. She thinks it is time
to shed light on the disappearance of her baby.

24. [66] Report by correspondent Oscelin Saint-Hilaire in Fort-Liberte: Six
months after he was dismissed for corruption, Fort-Liberte Public Prosecutor
Serge Desrameaux has resumed his duties until a new public prosecutor is
named. Lawyer Desrameaux returned to his office under a strong security
escort. He was dismissed after the Haitian consul in Dajabon, Dominican
Republic, and other Haitian government officials denounced him. Rameau's
return will be good for many prisoners who have yet to be tried.

25. [69] Report by Jean Roland on the conference by sociologist Francois
Houtard [phonetic] on the struggle against poverty. This conference is part
of a seminar organized by the Haitian Platform for Alternative Development,
PAPDA, on poverty and development. Houtard denounces false solutions
proposed by international sponsors, including the World Bank and the IMF.
Among the false solutions proposed by the international financial
institutions in the light of the growing poverty of the Third World
countries, Houtard mentioned microloans, alienating cultural action and
especially international aid to poor countries. As regards the role of civil
society in the struggle against poverty, Houtard says this concept is still
vague. However, he advocates a convergence of the civil societies of
excluded countries.

26. [73] Hope for some students and despair for others. These are the
feelings observed among students who participated this week in the state-run
exams for ninth-graders. Students explain that, generally speaking, the
exams were not difficult.

27. [75] Ads.

28. [79] Ads about a petition by the 30 September Foundation that invite
people to come and sign the petition to express their agreement with the
dissolution of the Haitian Armed Forces. More ads, including one on parents
who complain that justice has not been rendered to them years after more
than 200 children died and 11 others were permanently disabled as a result
of the diethylen glycol that was found in syrups made by Pharval

29. [83] Resumption of the report on dollar-gourd exchange rates at the
various banks.

30. [84] Report on the 1.39 per cent increase in Customs receipts for May.
Customs Director Jean-Jacques Valentin explains that this increase is due to
the efforts of the customs agents to fight fraud.

31. [88] Economic news on the increase in poverty in Venezuela, which has
risen from 26.82 per cent to more than 57 per cent.

31. [91] Cultural news.

32. [95] Sports.

Source: Radio Haiti-Inter, Port-au-Prince, in French 1230 gmt 21 Jun 01

/BBC Monitoring/  BBC.