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8453: Re: 8447: More on Vodou, Voodoo, and voodoo (fwd)

From: Jim Frisken <jfrisken@hotmail.com>

I agree with Bob that Voodoo is the English version of Vodou, but the word 
has become tainted, in much the same way as have words such as gay and 
queer.  Daniel says that a new name doesn't change the perception, but I'm 
not so sure.  Probably many boys who grow up with girl's names would be 
perceived differently if they had strong male names.
Guy brings up a good point about the  'oo' sound in Voodoo.  I believe that 
this is significant in American culture.  It's hard to think of any word 
that rhymes with Voodoo that isn't childish, frivolous, or scatological.  In 
addition to the misused voodoo and its cousins hoodoo and juju,  we have 
googoo, booboo, boohoo, doodoo, poopoo (and the local gardener's favorite, 
zoodoo).  We also have cuckoo, froufrou, and muumuu, not mention Lulu in her 
tutu singing oop oop pa doop on the boob tube.   I suspect that the term 
Voodoo can not be resuscitated.  The patient has died.                       
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