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8454: Haiti an independent country (fwd)

From: Senou <senou@yahoo.com>

United States had complained about a warm relation
between Haiti and Cuba but Haiti is an independent
nation and ipso facto has the right to establish
diplomatic relation with any country in the planet.
For instance, we have recognized the state of Taiwan
and the US despite having lot of interest and ready to
virtually defend Taiwan (in their dream) against the
people Republic of China, (you know they are bluffing,
nobody mess with a nuclear power) had not yet extended
diplomatic recognition to Taiwan. 
	Recently I heard the US president had sent a memo
about Haiti to the US congress, may be he is confused
or he might be drunk. The last time, I checked the US
map I did not see Haiti and we are not Puerto Rico
either, we are an independent nation since 1804. The
US has the illusion to be the world police the latest
military plane incident in China has just proven the
contrary and the expulsion of the US from the Human
Right Commission at the UN are a few signs that many
countries are tired about the US arrogance. Recently,
some Cubans had requested political asylum in Haiti,
it is a lengthy process like in the US, but they had
chosen instead to cross the border to the Dominican
Republic. Haiti is and will remain an open society.
Haitian citizens are free to travel anywhere in the
world, American citizens cannot. They will need a
special permit to travel to Cuba, Iran, and other
countries, a so call free country. Haiti had organized
once a freely democratic election in 1990, but failed
badly afterwards, may be this up coming new CEP which
is due tomorrow might make us relive that moment, the
latest US presidential election is very questionable.
	US had complained that Haiti was slow to respond to
the Cuban request, but how long it takes Haitian
citizen to be granted political asylum in the US.
American government has a special relation with the
Cubans people living in the US, but Haiti has a
special relation with the Republic of Cuba. It is the
same way US cannot recognize the State Of Taiwan in
order not to upset the Chinese.

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