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8460: ::::::::: ArtMedia Haïti (fwd)

From: info@artmediahaiti.com

Port-au-Prince, Haiti
June 24, 2001

Dear Friend,

Lori Manuel Steed, Birgit Coles and InterMedia are pleased to invite you to the inauguration of:

ArtMedia Haïti
The Center of Haitian Art

ArtMedia Haiti provides you with historical and timely information
on the internationally renowned Haitian art scene. 

Here you will find a vast amount of documentation on Haitian Art and the Artist who have made it an International phenomenon as well as a wide and varied selection of Haitian Art available for your collection.

Haitian Art has come a long way from its modest beginnings. From illustrating, in an fresh unprecedented pictorial language, the story of the world's creation to depicting today's realities, our art is unique. 

Galerie Metisse
at ArtMedia Haiti presents you the incredible range, breadth and depth of Haitian art as represented by such luminary and emblematic artists as Philome Obin, Hector Hyppolite, Castera Bazile, Bernard Séjourné and Jean Michele Basquiat. Galerie Metisse is proud to present you this broad perspective of the classic and new visions of our National Art Movements.

Galerie Metisse at Artmedia Haiti is organized in five main categories and hundreds of sub-categories to facilitate your exploration. Historic and current documentation and iconography is blended with the paintings available for purchase.

Welcome to the extraordinary world of Haitian Art. Welcome to ArtMedia Haiti, More than a Gallery, The Center of Haitian Art.

We hope you will take a moment to visit and to share your impressions by signing The Visitors' Canvas
and that you will forward this invitation to family and friends so they may rediscover the wonder and joy of Haitian Art.

Best Regards,

More than a Gallery, The Center of Haitian Art.

Suite 200
Angles des Rues Grégoire et Chavannes
P.O. Box 16042
Pétionville, Haiti
Telephone: (509) 511-1314
Fax: (509) 257-4925

P.O. Box 407139
Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33340-7139



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