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8461: Author of many stories and books set in Haiti: Hugh Cave...

>From Bob Corbett

I have been contacted by Milt Thomas who is writing a biography
of Hugh Cave.  I have never met Hugh face to face, but have had
a huge amount of correspondence with him since I first read his
Haiti, High Road To Adventure back in 1983, loaned to my by
Sister Joan Margaret of Ecole St. Vincent.  Cave had written this
travel book in the mid-1950s. In Chapter 6 Sr. Joan Margaret
accompanied the Cave family on a trip to Bassim Zim and
Grotto Zim.  He also used her as a model for his doctor character
in a short story called "Little Girl in Black Stockings."

Since then I've become quite a fan and have a huge bibliograhy
of his writings about Haiti on my web site. I also have all his
works in my own library -- that is, all his Haiti-related works.
Hugh is now 91 years old and working on another novel set in Haiti!!!  He
published a non-Haiti related novel last year.  Amazing man.

I know that many on this list have read some of Cave's works
and Mr. Thomas would like to hear anything any of you have
to say about Cave's writings (those related to Haiti and those
not if you know of others).  He doesn't care if you like Cave's
work or don't.  He's trying to write a fair and honest biography
and is just looking for stories, assessments and so on.

If any of you would like things passed on to Mr. Thomas
please just sent them to me and I'll compile them and pass them

Again -- he is not only looking for laudatory material, though
he welcomes that as well.  He wants honest assessments of Hugh
Cave's writings and came to me hoping I could help tap readers
of one sector of Cave's huge corpus.  

Thanks,  Bob Corbett