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8476: Le Point: Open Discussion (fwd)

From: Senou <senou@yahoo.com>

Le Point:
The OAS deadline has been extended up to July 1st and
the Convergence is behaving like a hunt jury. Despite
its slim popularity the convergence front is getting
attention and this can put in jeopardy the 2000
election. By accepting to redo the election for 7
Senators who did not reach the absolute majority, the
government had opened a door to contest not only the
congressional election but the November election as
well. First Attorney Manus who was the president of
that CEP had fled the country for security reason; he
did not resign from its post. President Preval had
unilaterally filled the vacant post, which is a
violation of the constitution. Many contested that
CEP; its mandate was expired after the congressional
election. A New CEP should have been appointed to
organize the November election, but instead President
Preval had overused his authority by extending the
mandate of the contested CEP to organize the November
election, which is in total violation of the 1987
Then the winner of the November election before taking
office had signed a contract with the departing US
president which is not enforceable since the elected
president was a civilian at that time, Bush who the
winner of the US election could not sign any legal
document engaging US before January 20 of this year.
Mr. Preval was the only one who had that authority at
that time. 
	Since the unilateral decision of President Preval to
extend the mandate of the CEP was illegal therefore
anything organized by that illegitimate CEP is
illegal. This will put into question the November
election. No one had recognized the Newly CEP of
Aristide, which was formed before he was taking
office, and not in agreement with the constitution.
	Technically in legal issue the validity of the 2000
election could have been decided in the court of law
either by a jury or by a panel of three judges. 
	Mr. Aristide has his chance to win any election; his
popularity quite shaken is still strong. The real test
of a leader is to recognize a mistake and act on it to
bring proper correction. Sometimes, the decision of a
leader may not go with the popular support or the
environment. History is there to record your mark. Do
the right thing. 
	I call upon Mr. Aristide not to use OAS as escape
goat but to search to reconcile the country. Haiti is
badly hurt internally; it will take team effort to
salvage what we have left. Surprise the world by
calling for a general election in which you will be
allowed to be a candidate, form an impartial CEP with
all sectors involved. I understand individual proud
may play a major role in this kind of decision. As a
former Priest, I urge you to give the country a
second, I urge you to help the people in which you
care for. Call for a general election and settle that
on going dispute once for all.  Many who have
interests may be against this idea, but going an extra
step to prevent the break up of the country is the
right thing a responsible leader should do.


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