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8492: Re: 8475: Haiti sides with bigots at the UN? (fwd)

From: Don Rowley <donrowley@minister.com>

Doesn't calling another a bigot makes you a bigot. When a person hates another because of the color of thier skin...thats bigotry...because of where they are from...bigotry...because of their religion...still bigotry. There are people who HATE gays and yes they are bigots, however if a person stands for the moral values they were brought up with, without hate, without distain, they my friend are NOT bigots. I applaud the Hatian officials who would stand up for what they believe is right. If more people stood up for thier principles this would be a much better world. Stand up for what you believe also, I don't agree with you, but I don't call you a bigot because we don't agree.

Don donrowley@minister.com