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8495: Re: 8492: Re: 8475: Haiti sides with bigots at the UN? (fwd) Corbett replies to Rowley

> From: Don Rowley <donrowley@minister.com>
>I applaud
> the Hatian officials who would stand up for what they believe is right.
> If more people stood up for thier principles this would be a much better
> world. 

Don, I'm not interested in getting into the issue of whether Haiti
should or should not have supported the motion on the floor.  However,
I think I'm in no way excessively cynical if I suggest that voting
for or against any motion in a body like the U.N. doesn't tell us
much about "principles" people hold.  All nations, and especially
small nations trade votes like kids trade baseball cards.  Votes
are commodoties which have value.  It is just as likely that
Haiti needed something else and swapped this vote for another they
wanted down the road, or last month.

The assumption that you can know the MOTIVES of politicians seems
not to be borne out by history.

Bob Corbett