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8506: USA is supplying weapons to repressive regimes (fwd)

From: radman <resist@best.com>

TASS - June 28, 2001

USA is supplying weapons to repressive regimes

In spite of the Washington-declared desire to promote democracy and human
rights throughout the world, the United States is known to deliver weapons
to the repressive regimes that are trampling these rights under foot, says
the latest report of the American "Council of the Educational Fund for a
Worthy World".

The document says that, according to State Department figures, seventy-eight
countries out of the 151, to which the United States sold weapons in 1999,
had committed grave violations of human rights that year.

For instance, Haiti, which is known for its merciless police, got from the
Pentagon in 1999 thirty thousand dollars worth of various means to quell
demonstrations. The U. S. State Department had issued licences that year to
several American companies, allowing them to deliver to Haiti 190,000
dollars worth of additional means to deal with demonstrators.

The report indicates also several other steps of the United States
contradicting its declared goal. They include the programme to train
servicemen for several Latin American countries that are by no means eager
to honour human rights and the export of technologies and equipment to
manufacture American weapons in other countries.

The document says that the right to manufacture American weapons in those
countries without U. S. control substantially increases the probability of
them falling into the hands of people, who are violating human rights, and
into the hands of countries sponsoring or hiding terrorists.