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8521: RE: 8511Pere Lebrun (fwd)

From: "Peter C. Jeannopoulos" <peterj@thehaiticollector.com>

Yes, there is a Pe Lebrun.  He is, in fact, my wife's uncle.  I am happy to
say that he is alive and well in Haiti. He has a tire store in
Port-au-Prince.  In the early eighties he advertised his business in a TV
commercial by sticking his head through a tire and saying "come buy your
tires at Pe Lebrun". When Haitians started burning tires and necklacing
people in late eighties, the slogan "Pe Lebrun" came into use. It is because
of this commercial that the expression "Pe Lebrun" became synonimous for
"necklacing".  His store, Pe Lebrun Tire Store, is located at rue des

Peter C. Jeannopoulos

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From: leonie hermantin <lhermantin@hotmail.com>

Was there an actual Mr. Lebrun?  Someone recently said that he was alive and
well in South Florida.

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