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8536: Re: 8526: RE: 8514: Seeking Haitian dance scholar(s) (fwd)

From: LTvilla@aol.com

Greetings............Ahhhhhhhhhh...just opened your message on Hatian dance 
scholars!  Just thought I would send my greetings as I too have a love for 
Haiti and dance.  I just returned from Port-Au-Prince and Les 
Cayes.........with a team of 23 on a medical/evangelizing mission.  I had the 
opportunity to dance for the people of Haiti at their worship  
service....they were  a delightful audience to  share dance with ..as I went 
to the left they would follow moving about in their pews to take it all in!  
( I received my MFA in dance from the University of Michigan back in 

This was my second trip to Haiti......on both occasions I was blessed with 
the opportunity to visit with my sponsor child Ilove....she has been a part 
of our family for 3 years.  Unexpectedly...I was graciously and lovingly 
asked by her very giving parents if my family would consider the adoption of 
ILove.  I cried out of love as a mother..for such an act of 
selflessness.........to be able to want so much for your child that you can 
let them go....there situation is a desperate one and it is beyond difficult 
to raise a family of 3 little ones.  They live in a very rual area in the 
Central Plain Lands.  

My husband and three little boys are in prayer about this and God willing the 
best way will be revealed to all of us.

Although, I still choreograph.....my heart is directed toward my Family and 
Jesus......and to be able to share dance in Haiti was a dream come true.

I have every intention of returning to Haiti......the desire is in my heart.

Nou toust se youn nan Jesus-Kris.........We're all the same in Jesus Christ  

Melissa Trombley