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8538: JAMES THE SINGER (fwd)

From: madison bell <mbell@goucher.edu>

Does anyone tannpri soulple know anything about a Haitian Singer named 
James?  I have heard him both at Tap Tap in Miami Beach and in Paris.   He 
performed in a play called the Roi Christophe in Paris, though I haven't 
seen this.  I've heard him do traditional Kreyol songs, but in a rather 
operatic manner-- he has that kind of training, certainly.  Amazing big 
powerful voice.  He is a good size gentleman also, with what looked to me 
like albino pigmentation if that might help anybody identify him.  I would 
really like to find some recordings if there are any but I need to know his 
last name-- and if anybody knows of any records he has made that would be 
great also....

mesi davans....