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8542: Highlights of Signal Radio FM news (fwd)

From: Max Blanchet <maxblanchet@worldnet.att.net>

Haiti: Highlights of Signal Radio FM news 1230 gmt 02 Jul 01
BBC Monitoring Service - United Kingdom; Jul 3, 2001

The "0730 Appointment" newscast; passages within slantlines in French

1. Headlines.

2. The main news today is the meeting between the Democratic Convergence the
Lavalas Family, FL. No date has been set for the formation of the new
Provisional Electoral Council, CEP. A credible, independent, and honest CEP
should be formed to hold elections in the country. The two parties have
agreed on the formula that will be used to form the CEP.

3. The deadline of 1 July set by the OAS emissaries for an agreement between
the political protagonists and the formation of the new CEP has been
cancelled. OAS Assistant Secretary General Luigi Einaudi says he is
confident that a final solution will be found to the crisis very soon.
Einaudi congratulates the protagonists for the efforts they have already
made so a political agreement can be reached before long. He adds that the
exchanges will continue today between the two protagonists, given that they
have already agreed on the institutions that will form the new CEP.

4. Prime Minister Jean-Marie Cherestal, who was trying to avoid journalists'
questions, told Signal FM that there are many chances that a political
agreement to resolve the crisis would be reached. His statements follow:
"//We hope to be able to reach an end tomorrow.//

5. Controversial Senator Yvon Neptune, interim national representative of
FL, says a first step has been taken in the negotiations on the resolution
of the political crisis. He explains that the discussions are being held on
the mandate that will be assigned to the new CEP. He says he is optimistic
about the way the negotiation process is going. Asked about the CEP's
mandate, Neptune says: "Tomorrow, we will continue our discussions on the
question of mandate."

6. The Convergence officials have discussed some points that prevent the
process from going faster. Professor Micha Gaillard, one of the spokesman
for this coalition, speaks about the efforts that are being made so an
agreement on the formation of a credible, independent, and neutral CEP can
be reached. Gaillard, who participated in the two days of discussions at the
Montana Hotel, says the Convergence members are willing to make a compromise
to facilitate the resolution of the crisis. The following is an excerpt from
his statements: "The discussions are long and are sometimes very difficult,
but they allow some issues to be cleared up, issues that we have not totally
solved, issues on the mandate."

7. The negotiations continue. The proposals expressed by the Convergence
include an observer mission for control and respect for human rights. This
mission would be supervised by the OAS and the United Nations. The members
of this mission should mostly be recruited from human rights organizations.

8. Ads.

9. Connecticut Democratic Senator Christopher Dodd, who paid a short visit
to Haiti, reiterated President Aristide's determination to reach a global
political agreement with the opposition for the resolution of the crisis.
Dodd thinks it is now time for the political protagonists to reach an
agreement so international financial assistance can resume in the country.

10. Apostolic Nuncio (Luigi Bonazzi), who was speaking during the
celebration of St Peter's Day in Petion-Ville, asked the Haitian political
players to unite their efforts for the country's well-being. Senator
Neptune, who was also present at the ceremony, invited the opposition to
designate its representative to the CEP.

11. Ads.

12. Economic segment by Georges Henry, Jr.

13. Ads, followed by international news.

14. Canadian Ambassador Gilles Bernier has announced several measures by the
Canadian Government to assist Haiti on the way to progress and democracy.
Bernier, who will leave the country in three days after four years here,
says he learned many things on Haiti. He encourages all Haitians to do
everything necessary to help develop the country. He would like the crisis
to be resolved.

15. Prime Minister Cherestal salutes the work of Canadian Ambassador Bernier
in Haiti. He took the opportunity to talk about the importance of the
cooperation between the two countries.

16. A meeting was held at the weekend between Justice Minister Gary Lissade
and human rights organizations about the investigation of the murder of
Radio Haiti-Inter Director Jean Dominique. The Justice Ministry's
information service says Lissade is determined to have the investigations
reach a successful conclusion. The meeting mostly focused on the sanctions
that should be adopted against Justice of the Peace Gabriel Ambroise,
security means for Examining Judge Claudy Gassant, and the cooperation of
human rights organizations.

17. Ads, followed by international news.

18. At least 108 Haitian boat people died in the sea near the Bahamas after
their small boat was wrecked.

19. Levy Joseph, deputy from the commune of Belladere, congratulates the
Dominican officials for having recently installed a consul in the region.
Joseph thinks the presence of a Dominican official on Haitian territory will
facilitate the process for Haitians who are seeking visas to go to the
Dominican Republic. He recommends that the Haitian authorities establish
also a consulate in Elias Pinas to serve the Dominicans who want to come to

20. International news, followed by miscellaneous announcements.

21. News summary.

Source: Signal FM Radio, Port-au-Prince, in Creole 1230 gmt 2 Jul 01

/BBC Monitoring/  BBC.