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8543: RE: 8538: JAMES THE SINGER : Three replies

From: Simido@aol.com

His name is James Germain.  I think he may be based in France but I know
perfoms in Haiti as well.

I dont have names of his CDs handy at the moment,but I am sure another
list member 
will provide them. 

I first became aware of James when he added his wonderful voice to
vocals/harmonies on "Ou Pran La Vi'm" - a song on Mozayik's first record,
sung by 
Emeline Michel.

-Markus Schwartz
percussionist, Mozayik.


From: Derrick J <derrickj66@yahoo.com>

I believe the last name of the Haitian singer is
Germain, James Germain I think is his full name.



From: Karen Davis <kdavis@marygrove.edu>

I do not know James the singer, but did see Aime Cesaire's Roi Christophe
performed years ago (in 1980s?) at Wayne State University's Bonstelle
Theatre, in Detroit, Michigan. Since then, I have had my Caribbean
Humanities students read in this play as well as his Un Tempete, and believe
both could make superb films.

Karen F. Davis, Ph.D.
Associate Professor and Head of Humanities Department
Marygrove College
Detroit, Michigan 48221 USA
Telephone: 313-927-1352
email: kdavis@marygrove.edu