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8553: Re: 8549: No Vodou reps in the CEP (fwd)

From: Senou <senou@yahoo.com>



  Awaiting the establishment of the Permanent
Electoral Council provided for in this Constitution,
the National Council of Government shall set up a
Provisional Electoral Council of nine (9) members,
charged with drawing up and enforcing the Electoral
Law to govern the next elections, who shall be
designated as follows:
1) One for the Executive Branch, who is not an
2) One for the Episcopal Conference;
3) One for the Advisory Council;
4) One for the Supreme Court;
5) One for agencies defending human rights, who may
not be a candidate in the elections;
6) One for the Council of the University;
7) One for the Journalists Association;
8) One for the Protestant religions;
9) One for the National Council of Cooperatives.


     In the event of a vacancy caused by death,
resignation or any other reason, the member shall be
replaced following the procedure established in
ARTICLE 192 for the remainder of his term, taking into
account the branch of government that had designated
the member to be replaced.

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