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8552: No Vodou reps in the CEP (Saint-Vil not surprised) (fwd)

From: Jean Saint-Vil <jafrikayiti@hotmail.com>

Good observation.

But truly, the utilisation of the U.S. controlled «Haitian» Episcopal 
Church, of the other protestant churches and of the «pakapala» Catholic 
Church  to serve neo-colonial interests within this pressure-cooked CEP 
should not surprise anyone. It is, as our African-American brothers would 
say, same ol' same ol!

Vodou clergy in the CEP? what a crazy idea! As if this was meant to be a 
genuine Haitian CEP or somethin'. Jean Dominique is dead. There is no one 
left to speak about electoral coup d'etat. Lekòl lage...

If the trend continues, by the time we move from a provisional to a 
Permanent Electoral Council, it will be the U.S Ambassador himself who will 
preside the thing openly. CARE, Vision Mondiale, Plan, CIDA and the Mormons 
will join our other missionary «friends» to complete the benevolent lot.  I 
am sure Koffy (please) Hanan, would be more than willing and «abled» to put 
his "international" seal of approval on such a charade.

In this neo-colonial arena, Vodou has a role only for the foreign 
entertainment industry: Hollywood, music, books  (is exotism an english 

Whether Haitians know it or not, like it or not, Haiti is declared a 
Christian nation - when deemed appropriate by our adult friends. This is not 
open to debate. Neither is the fact that the U.S.,France and the rest of 
Christendom are our very very best friends in the whole wide world. As this 
arrogant Canadian civil servant bragged to me of having said to a former 
Haitian Cabinet Minister: «beggars cannot be chosers».

Among us, Haitians, we know the joke: si blan an di ou ou mouri - ou mouri!

Obviously, we are the first culprits. Si pa t gen sitirè... And, if we, 
Haitians, want to stop this wicked hypocrisy, we must assume our 
responsibilities and do like Yesuah did in the temple: kick the hypocrits 
out. But, should we even dream of doing so, we must not only prepare for 
financial boykott (as is already the case whereby Haiti is paying interest 
on lowns not even collected yet from the World Mafia) but also prepare for 
brutal crucifixion à la Charlemagne Peralte, Martin luther King, Patrice 
Lumumba and associates. De toutfason, ipokrit yo fenk koumanse ap fè nou 

Remember there was an election to put Sudre Dartiguenave in «power» in 1915.


«And the docile francophone negroes sang in harmony: Tous unis dans 
l'esprit, tous unis en Jésus...et le monde saura que nous sommes Chrétiens 
par l'amour dont nos actes sont empreints! mmm... adye zonbi»